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About Us

Mixing & Mastering

if you take audio serious like we do, then its safe to say you'll understand the importance of having a high quality audio product.

Its a fact that you are MORE likely to get your music on Radio or TV if the quality of the audio is the BEST it can possibly be.

Here at Toy Town, we mix on the Legendary SSL 4000 mixing console.

Grand Piano Recording

We are aware Piano Recording Studios are hard to find!

Here at Toy Town you can be assured your beautiful piano recording at a very affordable rate. 

We have the stunning Yamaha C3 grand as famously used by Alecia Keys and John Legend.

Album Deals

There is nothing more pleasing to us than being involved in making full length albums.

Here at Toy Town, we have discounted packages available should you decide to work with us from the recording stage of the album through to final the mixing and mastering stage.

We try to work with "real world" budgets too!